Comprehensive Financial Planning Services

Prepare and present financial plans addressing a variety of needs such as:

  • Personal budgets
  • Retirement and education funding goals
  • Asset titling for a smooth post-mortem transfer of ownership
  • Determine whether or not to refinance or pay off a mortgage
  • Beneficiary review for retirement assets and insurance policies
  • Reduce taxes where possible
  • Work with clients’ legal advisors for their legacy planning needs
  • Verify optimal insurance coverages
  • Provide second opinions on other advisors’ recommendations
  • Offer referrals to debt management specialists when needed

Investment Management Services

  • Design and manage personalized portfolios to meet your financial needs over the course of your lifetime
  • Review and advise on retirement benefit options
  • Monitor your investment portfolio
  • Provide income you cannot outlive through insurance products
  • Provide communications tailored to your comfort level
  • Review your investment objectives, progress towards your goals and recommend portfolio changes to your portfolio if needed

Risk Management (Asset Protection) Services

  • Review and recommend various risk coverage alternatives including:
    • Life insurance
    • Disability insurance policies
    • Long term care insurance
    • Home, auto and liability (umbrella) coverage