Harness the Power of Your Financial Resources


Tia Tomlin, CFP®

Momentum Independent Network Inc.

7001 Preston Road, Suite 300 LB 32

Dallas, TX  75205


We help harness the power of your financial resources using the financial planning process.  Many clients have access to tools, benefits and resources which they have never taken advantage of, either because they don't know what's available, or because they lack the focus or time. Sometimes, when clients first come to us, they have, in their words, “money all over the place.” We help you organize and simplify your finances.  Our goal is to instill a sense of comfort, confidence, and control over your retirement by reviewing your complete financial picture and guiding you towards your goals, including:

  • Create A Regular Stream Of Income
  • Establish Investing Schedule
  • Take Advantage Of Market Fluctuations
  • Maintain Your Lifestyle
  • Develop A Diversified Portfolio*
  • Create A Balanced And Suitable Portfolio
  • Build Your Ideal Nest Egg
  • Fund Education For You, Children Or Grandchildren
  • Leave A Lasting Legacy
  • Perpetuate Family Values For Future Generations


For clients who are still working but preparing for retirement, we help with the many decisions they face. Often it pays to take advantage of employee benefits, including adding insurance coverage or using payroll deductions. If you have retirement funds from past employers, we work with you to consolidate and combine plans and bring order to your finances.  The result is that you can make informed decisions on everything from buying a new car to when you should file for Social Security. You'll always know the impact your current spending will have on your financial future.

Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge that you have a plan in place, a track to run on and an experienced advisor who knows your situation and is available to make changes as needed.

*Diversification is a method to help manage investment risk. It does not guarantee a profit or protect against market loss