Our Clients

While my clients come from all walks of life, they tend to fall into four categories: Analytic Professionals (Engineers, Physicians, Chemists, Actuaries, Mathematicians, etc.), Retirees, Corporate Executives and Business Owners.  The one thing they all have in common is that they are financial freedom achievers. They want a relationship with someone who knows the details of their situation, who cares about them and who strives to give them attentive and personalized service. 

I use the financial planning process to help simplify their finances, and guide and direct them towards their financial goals, whether that’s a comfortable retirement, educational funding for children or grandchildren, or leaving a true lasting legacy for their loved ones.

Many clients have access to tools, benefits and resources they have never taken advantage of, either because they don’t know what’s available, or because they lack the focus or time. Sometimes, when clients first come to me, they have, in their words, “money all over the place.” I help organize and simplify their finances and harness the power of their financial resources.                                                     

Analytic Professionals

My father was a chemical engineer, so I have a natural affinity for analytical people.
I respect their abilities to process information, finding similarities and using facts to make decisions. Sometimes, however, many of these clients can become afflicted with the “Paralysis of Analysis.”  Together, we look at both the facts and numbers, as well as other variables, that go into making decisions regarding their future. We work as a team to develop and implement a plan and portfolio with which they can feel comfortable, confident and in control.


Most people nearing retirement or in retirement have some nervousness about how to handle their investments at this important time of their lives. They must live from what they have, often for the first time without earning an income.  I help my clients to determine what they need to be comfortable and then set up an income stream, so they feel as if they are still working getting a pay check without that pesky annoyance of going to work! 

Many clients have the skills and abilities to research and make their own decisions but don’t want to spend the time becoming an expert. As they age, they want someone who understands their complete financial picture and will help their loved ones should something happen to them.  They want a professional who understands their needs and can clearly communicate suitable strategies to help meet their goals.

I am honored to fill this position, and often get to know a family member or spouse who is hesitant to get involved with the family finances. At some point, when dealing with life’s transitions, they realize they will have to get involved and are thankful to get financial advice from an informed and experienced Advisor.

Corporate Executives

My corporate executive clients have various benefits and stock plans available to them.  Often, they don’t take full advantage of the opportunities available to both them and their families.  I help maximize their benefits, reduce risk through diversification, and preserve their income and assets. Solutions include evaluating early retirement packages, preparing strategies for deferred compensation plans, future stock and option awards.*

Business Owners

A vast majority (up to 80% or more) of a typical business owner’s wealth can be tied up in their business. I help owners create a retirement plan so they can eventually exit on their terms. “Dying at your desk” is not a retirement plan. Working alongside their other professional advisors, I develop a plan to help with each business owner’s and his/her family’s financial security. Retirement savings programs, deferred compensation plans and income replacement options can be established so that owners do not have to sell outright or work full time into their retirement years.  By using a combination of legal structures, investment vehicles and tax laws, owners can conserve what they’ve built while allowing them to maintain control and access their money in the future.


*Diversification is a method to help manage investment risk. It does not guarantee a profit or protect against market loss